Study Sites

This is an international, multicenter, collaborative study. This means there are numerous investigators working together from all over the world to complete this study. There are 2 principal investigators, one in the United States, and one in Europe. Each is in-charge of the other investigators (co-investigators) in their continent.

The investigators are:

Principal Investigators:

Bettina Cuneo, MD; Denver, Colorado, USA

Peter Schwartz, MD and Co-PI; Milan Italy


SAB Clur, MD; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Lia Crotti, MD; Milan, Italy

Isabelle Denjoy, MD; Paris, France

Mette-Elise Estensen, MD; Oslo, Norway

Susan Etheridge, MD; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Kristina Haugaa, MD; Oslo, Norway

Edgar Jaeggi, MD; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Arthur Moss, MD; Rochester, New York, USA

Annika Rydberg, MD; Umea, Sweden

Erik Schulze-Bahr, MD; Munster, Germany

Heikki Swan, MD; Helsinki, Finland

Annika Winbo MD; Umea, Sweden

Arthur Wilde, MD, Ph.D; Amsterdam, the Netherlands